'jealousy' - a comic by me

my very first comic ! i hope you guys enjoyed it. 




Important note from me: If you read either of these comics and feel that one (or both of them) could be relatable to a friendship in your life TAKE A STEP BACK FROM THAT FRIENDSHIP.

You do not need to end the friendship, by any means, but you need to re-evaluate it, because it’s become unhealthy for both people involved.  Talk to them about it- Tell them what you’ve been feeling, ask them what they’ve been feeling, and how can you both help the other feel better.

If a friendship like this continues as is, the feelings of jealousy and resentment will escalate and the relationship will likely become emotionally abusive to one or even both of the individuals.  I know this.

We talk about emotional abuse and manipulation in romantic relationships a lot, but it’s important to recognize that it can happen in friendships as well.

If you can relate to one of these comics, it doesn’t mean your friendship is toxic or unsalvageable.  But it does mean that you need to rethink your approach to interacting with this person before it is too late.